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Newcomb College matte vase measuring 3 1/2" high and about 3 1/2" wide.  Pink flowers and green veined leaves in relief circle the shoulders of this pot, decorated by Sadie Irvine in 1922.  The green in the leaves is a bit darker than pictured.  She was a multi-talented artisan and teacher who was a Newcomb craftsman/instructor longer than any other woman from her entry as a student in 1902 until her retirement in 1952.  Very good condition with no chips, hairlines or repairs.  Just a few tiny glaze pops and some glaze bubbles.   (Stock # p-133)   $2500.00
STOLEN!  At the Atlantique City -Atlantic City, NJ    Oct. 2003   
We had posted "Recovered" on this piece for several months thinking that the vase had resurfaced and was safe and sound, but we still haven't gotten the piece back after all this time. We were told it had been recovered by another dealer and would be returned to us, but that has not happened and it appears the piece is still floating around out there somewhere.  Please contact us or the Atlantic City police if you see our stolen Newcomb vase.   Thank you!

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