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   I wrote a letter to a customer awhile ago and it ended up turning into a small tribute letter with a few special memories of my Mom.  I have expanded it a bit and decided to share it for awhile online.  
    Mom and I could always have a good time together and we could laugh up a storm doing mundane things such as cleaning and pricing our finds to playing her favorite word games Upwords and Boggle.  We loved to go out shopping together mostly as an excuse to go out for lunch to get her favorite spinach dip from Bugaboo creek.  She loved music and when I was little she would sing Eidelweiss to me before bedtime and as I grew older we would sing favorite songs together while I played the piano.  Flowers were important too, and we couldn't wait for our annual outing every spring to many of the nurseries in the area.  We would always buy enough to put in the garden and fill containers to overflowing.  
     Mom's love of antiques started one year when my Dad bought her some antique jewelry as a present.  It was a huge hit with her and he was happy to have found something that he could give her for special occasions that would be unique and much appreciated.  We would often speculate on who the pieces belonged to and how they might have lived their lives way back when.   If inanimate pieces could talk, what stories these pieces might tell.  She loved all kinds of antiques, especially ones in the art nouveau and deco styles.  In recent years, Mom and I collected glittery compacts, solid perfumes and half-dolls.  We both had a "girlie" curio cabinet to display them in and Mom would enjoy seeing them sparkle and wink at her. 
    Mom was never one to just sit around doing nothing.  She would always keep herself busy and would never go on a trip (either for the day or a longer vacation) without a good book and her expert crossword puzzles and cryptograms.   She nearly always had an embroidery or needlepoint project going on and we are lucky to have many examples of her work that we can frame.
   Mom loved the ocean and spending time there. Growing up, we would summer on Deer Isle
located in Penobscot Bay and I have such wonderful memories of us together there.  We faced west over the water toward the blue Camden hills where we enjoyed many a beautiful sunset.  You could stare at the water for hours and not get tired of it.  What restful summers we had there!  We loved laying on the beach and searching for limpet shells and soaking up the sun.  She would always be sure to keep an eye on me when I would go swimming in that cold Atlantic ocean.  I remember one day, a  small rainbow appeared in the fog right out front of the house above the water.  I got it in my head that I wanted to stand in that rainbow.  Of course as I waded out, I couldn't see the rainbow from my perspective, but she spent several patient minutes directing me further out and left and right until she said I was in the arc of the rainbow.   Unfortunately, I didn't find a pot of gold, but was thrilled anyway and have stored that as one of my favorite memories in my mind
     It is hard to think of Mom and not think Christmas.  She was a huge Christmas fan.  I grew up in a large home from the 1800's that Mom just loved to decorate.  We used to have 5 trees, some with themes that would change from year to year.   We would usually have a victorian tree and an "icy tree" with only clear glass ornaments, icicles and clear beads.  Other years we had a cookie tree, crocheted ornament tree, santa tree, stuffed animal tree and the famous silver tree that Mom and I spent a solid week putting icicles on a few at a time on needle by needle so that when lit up with white mini lights, the tree just shimmered. The main tree was always a huge Scots Pine heavily laden with ornaments dating back to the first year Mom and Dad were married.  Every vacation she would come home with a new ornament or two to that we would date and add to the tree that year.  Everything would be decorated with presents under the tree by the first week of Dec. when we would have our annual Christmas party.  The whole house would be lit up by nearly two hundred bayberry and crandberry scented candles and the by warm glow of the Christmas trees lit with minilights.  I am amazed when I think back to all that she could accomplish in such a short time after Thanksgiving.  She loved giving Christmas gifts and was usually way more generous than we deserved.  And the food during the holdays was always out of this world and plentiful (she had 6 kids to feed!).  She and I would bake together and we had our hungarian favorites of Kifli and Kalach which we made again this past Christmas.  I hope I can continue the tradition and make her specialties taste as good as she made them.
     Well, I could go on, but I think I gave you a nice sampling and I just wanted to share some of the fun things that I am going to miss about my Mom.  She and I had one of the best and closest mother/daughter relationships of any one I know and I was so lucky to have been able to spend as much time with her as I did.  I wish it had been longer, but I have lots of wonderful memories of her.  I'll so miss my Mom, friend, advisor, busines partner, shopping and gaming buddy, and baking partner, but I like to think that she is looking out for me from above and I'll meet with her again some day with a big hug and kiss.
    Thanks for letting me do my little tribute and show you just a bit more of this special lady.



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